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We Now Sell Meringues!!

Hi Madie Cake fans! I've started this blog to give you new pictures, recipes, tips, and tricks, and how to videos. If you subscribe you will be able to get special promo codes and discounts. I'm so exited to post regularly, keep you up to date, and show you how to make some of my best cakes, cupcakes, and recipes. Also I will post news about the company and announcements on this blog. For my first announcement, I wanted to let you know that I will now be selling meringues! If you do not know what they are, meringues are a french pastry cookie made of mostly egg whites, sugar and some flavoring. They are then baked and turn out crispy and sweet. I only have a couple flavors to start but that will change soon as well. You will be able to order the meringues in any color you like!

These are called "kiss" meringues, but they can also be made in a rose shape, or french style.

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